Rolland Eakins TEC-Novation Room Opening at the Advanced Learning Library

TEC Systems Group and the Eakins Family are committed to providing opportunities to our Wichita Community in its access to education and technology. Therefore, we have sponsored a room in the newly completed Advanced Learning Library dedicated to its goals and look forward to celebrating the opening of this space with you, our valued families, friends and business partners. Please join us with your family (spouse/kids) for an evening to celebrate together and at the new Library.


Saturday, August 18
6:30 to 8:30 pm
Advanced Learning Library

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Our History

Rolland Eakins founded TEC Systems Group in 1984, serving as the CEO/President until his passing in 2016. Rolland was passionate about creating and maintaining a legacy plan that provided TEC and its valuable employees a secured future. Rolland will be greatly missed, but his legacy lives on through the people of TEC, in whom he took great pride.